Admissions Criteria


The Admissions policy is committed to practices and procedures that are transparent, fair, courteous, consistent and expeditious in all matters relating to admissions in the college. The policy shall ensure that information pertaining to applicants is treated with high level of confidentiality. St.  Francis College shall focus on high standards for admissions in order to attract and admit students of the highest caliber for its Degree and Diploma Programmes. As a faith based institution efforts shall be made progressively to make prospective students aware of the religious ethos of the institution. The college shall pursue gender inclusiveness in its admission processes.

As a mixed college efforts shall be made to achieve gender equity in admissions. All applications will be considered in line with the College’s Gender and Inclusion Policy and all decisions will be made in accordance with the Admissions Policy.


In order to be officially admitted, applicants must receive a letter signed by the Principal of the College informing them of their admission.


Minimum Entry Requirements for Admission

To be eligible for admission, regardless of programme, an applicant must satisfy the requirements under any of the following categories:


West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (WASSCE)

Compulsory Subjects – Grade C6 or better in three (3) core subjects, including English Language and Mathematics (Core) and Elective Subjects – Grade C6 or better in three (3) Elective subjects


Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE)

Compulsory Subjects – Grade D or better in three (3) core subjects, including English

Language and Mathematics (Core) and Elective Subjects – Grade D or better in three (3) Elective subjects.


General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level

The applicant must have

     i.        credit passes of (Grade 6 or better) in five GCE Ordinary Level subjects including English Language, Mathematics and a

   ii.        Two (2) “A” Level passes other than General Paper in relevant subjects


Applicable Programme Rules

All rules, procedures and academic standards in effect at the time of new admission will apply and will be strictly enforced.


Application Procedures

The applicant is solely responsible for presenting full credentials on or before the deadline date for the semester/year of expected entrance. The application for admission to degree studies cannot be completed until all credentials are on file.


Students submitting false information when applying for admissions will be denied admission. Where the submission of false information is discovered after a student has been admitted the student will be removed from the College and may be subject to additional sanctions.